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Center for Responsible Nanotechnology
An organization I co-founded in 2002, dedicated to research and education about molecular nanotechnology, its risks and benefits, and how best to handle it.

Nanotechnology Papers
I've written a number of papers on nanotechnology, both at CRN and before, covering ethics, life extension, assembler timeline, blood replacement, and more... (See below for older nanotech links.)

In the time it takes to burn this flag...
A lament and call for action: After heavy lobbying, the U.S. Vice President sabotaged talks that would have allowed poor countries to have cheap medicines.

Older stuff...

A brief biography:

Born Christmas day, 1970 (yes, I got cheated on birthday presents). Grew up in upstate New York--a very boring place. Went to the Clarkson School for a year, then Stanford, where I took a nanotechnology class from Eric Drexler (and I've been studying molecular manufacturing ever since). Graduated in 1991 with an MSCS (AI concentration). Worked at Electronics for Imaging for six years (using no AI whatsoever). In the mid-90's, I heard of an amazingly cool dyslexia correction method and started doing it as a hobby; then it became a career, then I did some pilot studies on flexible perception (visual and auditory) that I'll be happy to tell you about. In 2002 I co-founded the Center for Responsible Nanotechnology, which has been my primary focus since.

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