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7 Types of Website Plugins for WordPress

Do you want your websites to have a custom-made design? Try the different types of website plugins for WordPress. A plugin in site adds additional functionality to your website.
Wordpress has been one of the known content management system (CMS) today. This due to its flexibility for expert developers and simplicity for non-technical users. WordPress powers twenty-five percent of websites today even for bloggers, content marketers and for e-commerce.

Plug ins are built and developed by the WordPress community for the ease of website creation. You can add hundreds of plugins and extensions to extend the website’s functionality.
Some plugins can boost website traffic, and others are for more comfortable and more convenient site maintenance. For web browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, a plugin is a piece of software acting as an add-on and giving an added function.

There are different types of website plugins for WordPress that you can use whether setting up of websites is your hobby or you are doing it for business. Each type can add functions and create value to your sites. We have here the top 7 essential plugins on our list that you can add.

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Even a second delay in loading your website can result in a 7% drop in conversions. If your site would take too much time to load and access, you may lose customers and thus, money. Some plugins may improve the speed of your website.
Caching is one of the ways that can decrease the load site and gives a good user experience. A fast website load can give you a higher rank on the search engine result page. Thus, faster website load is essential.

Data Backup

Can you imagine writing something for your page for years but your web host would experience a crash in the server? All of it would be gone.
Though hosts make backups, don’t rely on it. Some plugins could offer backups.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine ranking is significant especially if you are in e-commerce. Creating traffic would often lead to increased sales. This can be done through Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
SEO is simply proving the search engines the information that they needed. You may integrate plugins to help you provide the search engines all their required information. No need to do it manually.

Integration of Social Media

Sharing in social media is one of the must-have features of any websites. Social media has been an essential tool for marketing these days. Installing plugins to your sites will give your audience a very easy way to share the contents.
There are free and paid plugins that you can have. Almost all of the list of websites are now using these.

Site Security

Your website should not be put at risk and danger against hackers and automated bots. You must have something to avoid such incidences. You must have secured a plugin that can keep your site locked for free or paid depending on your security needs.

Contact Forms

A lead generation form is one of the basic needs of a website. Communication is essential to maintain success. Choose a type of this plugin that offers several features and can be easily used and worked.

Spam Comments Management

Spam comments is a severe issue. It may be used up resources and take up important time. There are also plugins that can help you in addressing those annoying comments.

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