How to Fix “Sky Q” Issues Associated With “Sky Broadband” Problems

If you are connected to Sky broadband internet, you will also need Sky Q Hub.

To ensure that all of the connectivity components are working and functioning properly, you must link the 5GHz and 2.4GHz networks on the Hub while the rest of your devices should be connected using wifi protected setup or WPS. This reason for this is to be able to build the wireless web network in the right manner.

Find here the Sky contact number which you can reach for more assistance. Meanwhile, here are the steps which you need to take in order to ensure this and ultimately solve your Sky broadband problems.

link the 5GHz and 2.4GHz networks on the Hub set up the main Sky broadband box

To Start Resolving Your “Sky” Broadband Problems, Link the 5GHz and 2.4GHz Networks on the Hub.

Both of the 5GHz and 2.4GHz networks on the Hub need to have the same name. Otherwise, you reverse the decision of changing one of them in the first place.

You can do this by logging onto the Hub’s homepage and then go to the wifi settings. You will find there the 5GHz and 2.4GHz tabs. Now make sure that the names of 5GHz network and your 2.4GHz network are alike.

Thereafter, save the changes which you have just made.

Set up the Main “Sky” Broadband Box.

First off, you will have to connect the main Sky Q box to the Hub properly. To guarantee connection, go to the settings and select the “reset” tab then confirm.

To set up the main Sky broadband box, connect it through the WPS button found on the router and Sky Q box. Press the WPS button on the router and hold it for a few seconds. Then do the same to the WPS button on the Sky Q box.

Assemble the Sky Q Booster.

fixing your sky broadbandThe odds are that the Sky Q Booster will not be functioning after the network changes which you have just made.

To fix this, press the reset button behind the Sky Q Booster and hold the button until the power LED begins to flicker. The wireless LED will eventually turn to an unblinking green light. After this, you can now press the WPS button on the Sky Q box and hold the button until it starts to flash a yellow light.

Now you can press the WPS button on the Sky Q Booster until it also flashes a yellow light.

After the connected light turns on, then your Sky Q Booster is now working fine. It is important to note that the Booster must be where it has been originally placed by the network engineer during installation.

Finally, Set up the Mini Boxes.

After all the changes made during the previous setups, you should also reset the wireless settings of the Mini boxes to enable them to reconnect to the broadband network. This should lead to the resolution of your Sky broadband problems.

Now with the Sky Q devices, namely the main box and the Booster, properly reconfigured, your Sky Q Mini boxes must be able to pick up the signal and connect.

Then you have your Sky Q issues associated with Sky broadband problems finally resolved.

However, note that there is some waiting time for the Mini boxes to stabilize from the default 2.4GHz network to the establishment of the 5GHz network.